10P Marketing-Mix
10P Marketing-Mix

Jede Media-Information entsteht durch Ideen von Mitarbeitern und Partnern. Deshalb möchte der Herausgeber alle Informationenen für die Medien in der Ideen-Tankstelle www.klug-direct.sammeln.

Hier präsentieren sich die Mitglieder der Experten-Allianz mit konkreten Angeboten und Fachinformationen zu Themen des 10-P-Marketing-Mix.

Bitte konkrete Anfragen sowie aktuelle redaktionelle MediaInformationen direkt an den Herausgeber

The international exchange of goods requires experts who know the market, distribution channels and the requirements of customers. This applies to both export and import activities.

Local experts offer professionally competent assistance with all projects. The globe-experts are offering the help of competent partners to solve defined tasks.

Challenge - global positioning

Your product or services can be marketed and positioned worldwide. However, it lacks important and necessary information about the target country. Therefore, the following questions arise:

  • What import barriers must be bridged?
  • Which agency can take on successful marketing for product placement?
  • What distribution channels / sales channels available in the destination country?
  • What patents are being violated?
  • What legal obstacles have to be taken and who needs to be contacted: chambers lawyers?

The first place to answer these questions are Chambers of Commerce in Germany or in the destination country.

The second key step is to contact specialists who are directly involved in the subject area and sectors:

The solution: local experts = Globe Experts

Right here the Globe Experts come with all their experience, the necessary contacts and the respective expertise to use. The systematic contact with a person or a group of persons that can meet those needs and gives you the necessary drive to position your product in the target country.

These people, Country Manager, Regional Manager or Project Manager are a focal point throughout the world to offer the services to ensure a successful product placement. This simple and practical solution requires a global network of competent and qualified people. This in turn can only be successful if everyone sticks together to values defined for the Globe Experts Network. To ensure the quality of the Globe Experts Network, rankings and reviews of the respective partners in other countries are provided for the Members.

Your Benefit?

The goal of the Globe Experts network is to find the most suitable partner. These experts know the markets, distribution channels, customer groups and create on the basis of permanent presence the conditions for a successful market development.

The benefits of membership Globe Experts are already briefly described. Nevertheless, it raises the question of real benefit for you?

The orientation or expansion of a company and its product portfolio into unknown territory is risky.
Well-funded large companies can budget  market analysis better than medium-sized businesses and start-ups. Important acceptance testing and analysis can not be ordered.
The advantages of the globe-experts network can be summarized briefly:

  • As a member you minimize the risk on market development or marketing.
  • You can access current and detailed information on the country, without costly investments
  • You save time and can rely on proven experience of experts
  • You can already determine optimized sales channels to start build up the necessary marketing tools and use them
  • The personnel and office space requirements for the representatives are low.
  • Travel costs and times are minimized
  • You have a competent partner for your product management and no additional personnel costs for new employees. This has a positive effect for you based on your budget.
  • You can start pilot projects and learn about the price and performance levels

The goal of the Globe Experts is to find the most suitable partner for each project. The partners in the country know the markets, distribution channels, customer groups and create the conditions for a successful market development.

Use the expertise of Globe Experts

The goal of Globe-Experts is to create a network of highly qualified, experienced and professional practice parties. This will only succeed if each individual member is aware of the benefits of the network and  identifies added value and delivers its contribution to the network.

To ensure these high quality standards, Globe Experts has taken up the cause, to allow no free access to the network. We want to deliver quality and this, as is well known, has its price. We are also convinced that free access undermines the quality requirements and participants log in only for "making contacts".

How to become a member of the Quality Network Globe-Experts, refer to the page: Membership to Globe Experts.

Take the time to invest in your future. The global world is waiting for professionals like you, to network more closely.

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