The country manager has his permanent office in the economic area for which he is responsible. He has appropriate market and industry knowledge and is committed to absolute neutrality.

The country manager is the main point of contact when it comes to choosing the respective project managers and experts. He also has the task of evaluating the existing in-country project managers and experts. This evaluation criterion is included in the overall evaluation of the project manager or the experts. As an interface between the SMEs and the locally based project managers and experts he sets up a team and, together with them provides a process flow including cost estimate / quote.

The integration of state organizations and compliance with all legal regulations in the country of destination should be monitored by the Country Manager or be transferred to a project manager or expert.


The country manager has perform the work in accordance with the honor code of the Globe Experts and takes care of absolute neutrality in the award of contracts. All work of the country manager is transparent and thus he ensures the fair treatment of each partner with each other.

Apply for country manager status in a few steps

  • Login and Registration at
  • complete and submit your data and update it in time

Profile and tasks of the country managers


  • Providing current market information for defined projects
  • Coordination of requests, tenders and contracts
  • competent answers to concrete questions
  • Support the project team
  • nn (to be completed due to activities in the pilot projects)