The project manager defines the processes, defines milestones and ensures the smooth running of the project. He may be instructed directly by an SME, or is specifically addressed by a country manager.

A targeted and successful product placement requires the collaboration of several people and the coordination of these at a central location. Project managers of the Globe Expert network have the task to be the focal point for this project.

The goal is to provide the tenders of SMEs in each area to operate with project managers from that area. It is vitally important that you as a project manager highlight clearly your focus and experience in the Globe Experts Network and emphasize your skills through references.

Requirements for the project manager of the Globe Experts Network

Project manager of the Globe Experts Network implement projects in their country of origin, which are staged by SMEs from abroad. In order to ensure a standard of project manager, you should have the following skills as a project manager:

  • Leadership in the project groups
  • technical expertise in at least one area of expertise
  • many years of experience verifiable by successfully implemented projects
  • fluent in at least two different languages
  • master tools of project management
  • ideally, prove skills by Certificates
  • Responsibility and identification with the project should be present
  • honest dealings with customers and partners of the Globe Experts Network
  • comply with privacy policies of the client
  • maintain the secrecy of project innovation and scope
  • reliable in the statements from the beginning

The trustful and effective processing of projects and customer orders is the top priority for all partners involved in Globe Experts. Therefore the topic of "privacy" plays a major role.

Project team for improving quality

As a member of the Globe Experts network, you also benefit from the expertise and experience of other members. Through networking projects can be successfully carried out under tight resource constraints.

Register now as project manager of the Globe Experts network and get the chance to make contacts both in your country as well as abroad.

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