A worldwide and professional marketing requires competent partners in the respective target country. Globe Experts strives to support you. As varied as the products and services of a company, so are the requirements for the stakeholders in the target country.

Globe Experts considers the product placement as a project that entails differing project phases, resources and costs. The individual project phases require different stakeholders: experts who are resident in the destination country will successfully position your product or service.

Community for SME

The services of Globe Experts specifically target small and medium sized companies that want to place their products and services worldwide. The network of Globe Experts assists companies and offers a wide range of services.

Productplacement for SME

Plattform for Experts

Many years of experience and high competence in specific areas are the main features of an expert in the target country. He aims to support SMEs during the process of implementing the desired result in the destination country as professionally and cost-effectively as possible.

Experts on Globe Experts

Matching Productplacement

Globe Experts connects suppliers or manufacturers with the experts in the target country. This matching aims to ensure a successful product placement on the basis of a successful partnership.