Experts from the Globe Experts network are specialists in one or more related fields. With their knowledge and experience these are the key players of the network.

The product placement requires highly skilled expertise in different areas. Small and medium-sized companies have problems to locate the right experts in the country of destination in order to obtain meaningful information. Resident experts of the Globe Experts Network offer their services and are available as contacts for the objectives available.

Direct and indirect matching

Medium-sized companies that want to export or import contact, either directly the experts in the destination country, or select a project manager, who is responsible for the selection of the most suitable partners and for quality assurance. He also monitors compliance with the schedule and budget.

Maximum 3 skills for each expert

Globe-experts are "no Jack of all trades" according to the principle "We do everything."
The specialization in specific topics / areas requires many years of experience. This experience allows making a solid assessment of the market. Therefore, experts of the Globe Experts network can select up to 3 areas of expertise and deposit their skills and reference projects on these.
Due to this restriction, we ensure that the customer can select the most suitable partner respectively.

Expectations for experts of the Globe Experts network

Experts in the network globe-expert are obliged:

  • to present the expert profile truthfully
  • to comply with the principles of the Code of Honour
  • to advise the client professionally competent
  • to reject orders that violate laws and regulations of the countries
  • to offer all services in detail and in a transparent manner
  • to comply with ecologically, economically fair practices