Become a provider in the Globe Experts Network and benefit from the experience of the country and project managers. Or you can contact directly experts of the Globe Experts network to position your products and solutions in the desired destination market.

Globally, small and medium-sized companies have the problem to position
their products and services in markets other than the home market. The obstacles for an evaluation of the product placements are extremely expensive and resource intensive.

In order to avoid these barriers, the Globe Experts Network offers a contact to an expert in the target country to place your products and services successfully.

Admission requirements for SMEs in the Globe Experts Network

Globe Experts is providing exporters and importers the opportunity to register on the portal and to contact experts specifically on product placement. The request to one of our experts is subject to certain requirements in order to maintain the quality of our network.

  • As a supplier of goods and services, you agree to act ecologically and economically fair towards your market partners. Basis of a partnership with the globe-experts is placing tenders.
  • This tender should describe the purpose of the campaign, name target groups and define time periods so that the partners (country managers, project managers and experts) can develop specific proposals and offers.
  • You get the opportunity to evaluate the experts. All applications are subject to certain parameters, which are used for quality assurance.