The creative director and founder, Heinrich Klug closes the circle of his career, starting as a publishing assistant with this online network for SMEs.

Inside the network Globe Experts

"We" (Heinrich Klug, publishing assistant, business administration, advertising manager, product manager and founder of and are currently still a one-man operation, who can now together with a specialist web developement  can fulfill a desire to create a network for the SME sector with

What we do

The network "Global Experts" offers SMEs the opportunity to find suitable partners for import and export activities who introduce themselves with a detailed expert profile.
Selection of potential suppliers for marketing, sales, logistics, localization, banks, insurance companies, countries, contract and patent law by the project management in each economic region. The research for suitable candidates can be assisted by the help of country management.

Why we are better

The participating experts observe the ecological, economic and fair dealing with respect to all market participants. The obligation to comply with the Code of Honour and a detailed expert profile to choose the most suitable partner are the essential conditions for accreditation.

The founder

Heinrich Klug began his career with an apprenticeship as publishing assistant at a daily newspaper.

The first experience in direct marketing brought the young publishing assistant Heinrich Klug to despair because his boss asked every day a signature folder full of individual mailings, and often had the young display advertiser so often rewrite a letter until it pleased his boss. The result from the individual letters of achievement is one reason Klug is still using the "one-to-one" communication with e-mail and phone to get in touch with customers and prospects.

Jahr Tätigkeit
1954 Abschluß kaufm. Lehre als Verlagskaufmann
1957 Vertriebswerbung im Verlag
1961 Planung, Gestaltung und Produktion in einer Werbeagentur
1965 Anzeigenwerbeleitung (1969) Verlagsleitung
1970 Marketing-Assistent in einem Industrieunternehmen
1973 Handelsmarketing
1976 Betriebswirt (VWA), Schwerpunkt Marketing
1995 Marketingleiter im eigenen Familienunternehmen
2003 Management für Geschäftsfreunde
2005 Kundengewinnung für Unternehmensgründer
2008 Unruhestand mit Ideen für Marketing-on-demand
2010 Planung eines Netzwerkes für mittelständische Unternehmen
2013 Realisierung des geplanten Generationenvertrages durch die Übergabe der Projekte an die nächste Generation.