The Globe Experts Network is aimed especially towards small and medium businesses (SMB). This orientation has its origin in the fact that it is primarily the SMBs that produce innovative products that can and must be positioned in a global market: to secure or increase the employment rate in the economies.

The positioning of these innovations in global trade is an almost unsolvable tasks for a company and in addition might cause high costs. Every entrepreneur is aware of the effort and cost required to position a product in the domestic market.

If you consider not having the language and knowledge of the market and the already existing contacts in your domestic market, it is obvious what a great effort and costs have to be operated or used, in order to achieve this professionalism in the desired destination.

Value chain Reloaded

The processes for the positioning of the product in the domestic market are known, however, they must be developed or discovered in the destination country. Not only the language, but, in particular the culture and unknown competition hurdles need to be taken into account. All services that are purchased in the domestic market, to ensure positioning of the product or service must be laborious and costly collected in the target country. The sales channels must be determined and partners have to be found who can be trusted.

In many cases, companies do not come beyond a "test". In the worst case it can not be determined whether and to what extent the efforts made so far were correct because no feedback channel from the target country is available.

Pilot project with minimal cost and maximum prospects

So why go this laborious, risky and expensive way when there are alternatives? Become part of the Globe Experts Network and access the experience of experts in the target country.

Both you and the expert in his country of origin have the same goal. You both want to offer your services worldwide and find customers. While the expert in the target country has no way to offer his services in another, you have no way to locate quality experts in the target country.

First, there is a lack of "empirical values", on the other hand no"possibilities of comparison". This is true for both sides. The expert has difficulties to assess his partner and how serious the desire for a product placement in the desired destination country is.

Therefore, it is evident to start with a pilot project and step-by-step extend the working relationship. The experience of the partners is tracked on the website of Globe Experts and both the provider (SMEs) as well as the expert can assess each other.


WIN3 Even if the formula does not seem right from the beginning, over the time considered it is valid. The multiplier effect accounted for, more than three parties get the benefit from this cooperation: Exporters, importers, service providers, economies and citizens - profit through the international exchange of goods in oligopolistic markets.

Membership for SME

Be an early adopter and become part of the Globe Experts network. It's a fast and easy process and there are no risks involved.

Transparency and a code of ethics are the basis of the Globe Experts network. Join in and enjoy the benefits.

Target Target Group target person destination Period
Market Research Business Community Local Planning
Customer Survey Purchasing Organizations Consultants Regional Production
Product development Wholesale decision maker National test phase
Product Launch Retail (outlets)   International campaign
Penetration       multipliers evaluation
Trade fair presentation Media     Evaluation
Market shares