Globe Experts offer their special skills, knowledge and experience to small and medium-sized enterprises.

One specific example: An entrepreneur in Germany intends to market his products in Dubai. Therefore he needs local experts for the implementation of the access to the market.
The product design, import regulations, customs, state, and patent law, contract drafting, as well as the structure of the distribution, logistics, warehousing are tasks for the experts.

Specialized skills are more valuable than a wide range of services

Little as a company in the IT industry is also car producer at the same time, a marketing expert is not a logistics expert. And a call center that specializes in the distribution of printed products, can hardly operate successfully for capital goods.
Whether mechanical engineering or live style, it is always important to address the target groups correctly. For each task, the most suitable partner! This skill-based routing system applies to the selection of accredited experts in the network. Skills, contacts, customer preferences and purchases are important letters in the alphabet of marketing.

Therefore, specialized skills are more essential than product range. This key point  better known under: Quality is more important than quantity.

High standards for Experts - pitching tenders

We want the best experts in our network. This elitist claim is secured only if the requirements to be met by the experts, are also high.

But how can the Globe Experts Network judge the quality of an expert from a distance, let alone recognize it? This only works on high entrance requirements, such as initially Membership dues. These are nothing more than "money". Money in turn reflects both the will of experts to actively participate in the Globe Experts network and displays the amount on the other ("quantity") of experience ("quality"), he must have collected to have "money" to put in the network. How else would you do it?

For this high demand, the customer receives the tenders of SMEs provided free of charge and can also be contacted for partnership by SMEs directly. A network lives of give and take, so rules are included. BON!

Evaluation - rating - upgrading: Experts Ranking

Companies and experts have to compete in the global market. In addition to the product and the service other factors play an important role as well. Here it might be noted punctuality, honesty and reliability. The breach of these principles for larger companies is called "libelous" or better "reputational damage". So why should this not apply to SMEs and experts?

Globe Experts believes that companies but also experts should assess themselves and their work. Thereby neat work will be rewarded, bad work discarded. This is fair and transparent. Of course, the expert can not be rated poorly when the product has not been adopted in the target country. But the efforts, his preparatory work, contacts and many other factors provide evidence about the quality and competence of the experts.

Not the "I like" or "follow-me" are the evaluation criteria, but the customer value, the success, the price-performance.

The weighting of the assessment criteria will not be published and will remain confidential. Any review, no matter from which direction comes will be checked and obtains a comparison review. This is to avoid "abuse".

Be the Globe Expert

The requirements for experts are high. In return, are working with SMEs and the magnification of your network and gaining of experience. To identify potential project is a quality characteristic of experts.

We as Globe Experts Network will actively support you wherever we can. We are looking forward to your membership as an expert in Globe Experts.